Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Grades 2-8 Fall NWEA MAP Test Math Session-1

Wednesday, September 11, 1:05 PM

Grades 2-8 NWEA Fall administration is between September 9-13. NWEA MAP tests is an adaptive assessment which aims to pinpoint student's strength. Students take Reading on the first two days and Math following days. The data collected from these assessments are used for intervention and enrichment purposes, After the NWEA tests student scores are transferred to their Study Island account under "NWEA Learning Path." The NWEA learning path is unique for each student since it is created based on their responses on the NWEA MAP test. 

Students' NWEA MAP scores are also used for course offerings and advanced placements. Therefore, parents are advised to drop off their children on time and avoid absences while ensuring the students get a good sleep at nights especially during the test week.